Tuesday, 24 February 2015


I am a mess;
I bodge many times.
I fall short of my expectations,
And even more importantly, God's.
I make resolutions I don't keep,
I strive to be a better person; but in fact, I become worse.
I cringe at what I am, at what I have become...
Nothing seems to make sense.
Where is my peace? Where is my joy?
I look in the mirror; the image is unfamiliar and even not pretty.
I cry sometimes,
I shake my head some others
Or simply just ignore.
I am just a lost cause,
In every way unworthy...
Then it's all fear and darkness,
Filth and guilt...
But just then,
Like a flash,
I heard within me,
"You are not a lost cause,
Not because you are worthy, but then, I am faithful.
And my faithfulness makes you worthy...
I haven't and won't give up on you.
I say you can do all things with and through me,
That if you know me, you'll do exploits.
I say you can fall and fall and fall,
But you must rise because my arms are always open.
Oh you think you are terrible?
Look at the Israelites...
I loved them, gave them all, they were mine, but over and over, they showed me I wasn't theirs.
But no matter what, I still brought them close; because I am their father and love them unconditionally...
So are you to me.
You are great, excellent, beautiful. I put so much in you so never you think less or let the opinions of others count.
You just fix your eyes on me,
The manufacturer of a product knows it's value and defines its potential,
I am your creator and know what I put in you.
Before I formed you, I knew all you could ever be...
Te entirety of your being, I know.  
You are a masterpiece, an original design.
I do not operate according to you but according to my unlimitedness...
So get your eyes off the facts because facts are different from truths and your truth translates to your reality.
So if I tell you fly, you just lift yourself off the ground in a jump and I will figure out how the wings come on you... Don't worry your little head...
Just set your eyes on me and do your best. Go at your pace and watch as I make you soar like an eagle...
And you said you are a mess?
Well, works in progress look messy, but the finished products? WORLD CLASS
So yes, you are a hot mess.
But as it is in my word, the glory of the latter you, shall be greater than your former,
And eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, nor has it entered the hearts of men, the things I have prepared for you.
Just obey and serve, you shall spend your days in prosperity and your years in pleasures..."