Tuesday, 22 September 2015


YOU alone are enough and YOU alone are worthy! The reason? Because you were born. YOU were and are NOT a mistake. There is a reason and calling for every single one. The issue is whether we embrace it or not. So, never let anyone bring you down...

The world is full of so much negativity, garbage, toxicity, status quo, pressure of conformity, etc. Fortunately though, we are all so unique and each of us represents the creativity and dynamism in God. Unfortunately, we see ourselves through the eyes of those who mean nothing.

People will try to bring us down, it is left for us to connect to our inner strength and lift ourselves us. People will talk badly about us no matter how much good we do, but it is left for us to develop selective hearing skills. People will push us, but it is left to us to activate our brakes.

Nobody can fix you, nobody can help you, nobody can complete you... It is all on you!


He who choses to fart because his mates are farting might just end up with faeces in his pants. The culture of blind and unintelligent followership, status quo, crowd mentality, copycatting, imitation, conformity (and whatever adjectives drive home the point) has turned ours to a society of mediocres.

We dwell in an era where there abounds a bunch of followers of trends and no visionary leaders, an era when shallowness and outright vanity have become celebrated.
Originality, realness, intelligence and the likes seem to be sliding into oblivion.
The pressure or need to belong, keep up and blend at whatever cost or rate is alarming.
Every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to live on the fast lane, want the fab life but the 'old fashion' legitimate and hard work way is just too 'long, bushy and stale'.

That seems to be one reason why there are more musicians than listeners in this country, screaming loud, vulgar, uncoordinated and unpleasant things about, because it is the 'inthing' and music sells.

Wizkid and Davido are making it: are you talented in music?

Pastors are living large and flying private jets: are you called?

Crop tops are in vogue: do they look good on you?

The point is that people should never be afraid to be different or stand out positively. Impactful people, revolutionaries, pace setters never 'went with the flow'. People should do things because they are sincerely passionate about them or called. The sincere passion or calling is what seperates the Gehazis from the Elishas.


While some people are takers (beggars) and derive pleasure in that, I chose to be a giver. Those takers have been so configured that their default tone and tune is "I don't have shishi", "I am poor", etc, forgetting that the hand of the giver is always above, as givers never lack.

These takers are not necessarily so because they always lack, but because it is a culture for them.
Remember the poor widow in the bible who gave very little, yet gave the most. All those who got from God released something first and got much more than they gave in return. That is why it is said that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Have you seen or can u imagine a toilet that has no outlet? Have you seen roads without drainages? Have u seen a dumpsite not incinerated? MESSY. Accumulation without release, leads to constipation, whatever takes in and in without some form of release might just end up bursting. No one in history has ever been recognized or honoured for being a taker, but givers are those who posterity remember.

In simpler terms whatever doesn't have an outlet leads to filth, stagnation & sometimes destruction. Even our bodies have outlets e.g nose for breathing in and OUT. Taking in air without letting out spells doom. Also, anyone who eats and eats without passing out the excess through feaces is in trouble.

It is a great privilege to be a givers my people. Why be a swamp (stagnant, dependent upon other natural waters like rivers, seas and mosquitoes breeding), when you can be an ocean (too large, flowing, source of other waters, integral to all known life, determinant of weather, unknown source, habitat for millions of creatures)? Be a channel, not a dam...