Monday, 2 November 2015


So, Segun and I were chatting, and he was lamenting on how much people tell lies and just feel the need to "form" or put up airs and appearances. He kept emphasizing on the fact that women do it more. While I kept arguing that it is on both parts and men are just as guilty as women, giving him different instances, I remembered a scene from May.

So I was at Heathrow airport, London, with my friends, on my way to Nigeria. I had to repack my bags and just by us were two guys, who had to repack too and one of my friends happened to know one of the guys. They kept talking to us in Yoruba and even helped us a bit. I realised one of them was traveling to Naija on the same airline as me. I checked my stuff in, got my pass and we said our goodbyes.

Fastfoward to 5:00am, I was at MMIA, Lagos, Nigeria, waiting for my family to pick me up. I saw the Yoruba guy from earlier. I then realised his dressing was not Nigeria appropriate, wondering why he had put on clothes for cold, knowing he was coming to Nigeria, considering how hot it can be here, but then, wetin be my own?
I would have focused on something else, but he kept pacing and moving from pillar to post. I could not but notice that he spoke so loudly in his "Brintinsh" accent (excuse my choice of spelling). At a point, probably because he wasn't satisfied with a particular service he got from where he bought something, he kept screaming *fu^k men*, *sh^t men*, *this country men*, while sweating profusely.

Trust my Naija people, there will surely be a peacemaker to settle problems. So one man went to this "Londoner" to pacify him. Maybe it was his tribal marks or original yoruba accent obvious under fake accent that gave him away as a Yoruba man, but Mr peacemaker spoke in Yoruba to Mr Londoner. Then it hit me that Mr Londoner was suffering from selective amnesia, as he kept replying Mr peacemaker in English, whereas in London, na so so Yoruba him dey speak.

This scene drew the attention of people around, that the airport staff near me were whispering " o sese de ni, o se land ni, wo dressing e, o gbo bo se n soro ni"? meaning "he just arrived, he just landed, notice the way he's dressed, don't you hear the way he's talking?

So u see &%#.*!/ω®©℃§¡[~£¥€¿{¤)(&℉^¢£.....


I have seen some strange things, but none like this.
So I am at covenant university, ota, attending my brother's matriculation ceremony. While the vc was giving his address, a drama errupted just by my side. A man and a woman who came to felicitate with their individual wards got involved in an altercation, which became loud that it interrupted the vc's speech.

While we were still wondering why such will be exhibited in a decent gathering such as that, the next thing I saw was the man violently hitting the woman. He attacked her so viciously and many around had to tear him off her. It was like a scene from a street fight...

I was disgusted by such outright lack of decorum, decency, control, discipline, etc. Irrespective of what transpired between them, which I think could be as trivial as seat issues or any other very minute thing, there is no justification whatsoever for a man to hit any woman or vice versa, especially one unrelated to you.

In my opinion, that is exactly how the man abuses those around him and like my Yoruba elders say, character is like smoke, it can't but find a way out.

My people, tread carefully, BEASTS LIVE AMONGST US.