Friday, 22 January 2016


...So, I opened the blog to keep myself abreast of the goings on, as I am not one to watch the news willingly; and I haven't had a newspaper in my hands for a long time. On the whole, blogs are more fun, period!

Then I saw the post of a beautiful 25 year old lady who died just very recently. Reading the story actually served as the slap I needed to be jolted back to thankfulness.

You see, that young girl had the world as her oyster, so to say. She was born and raised in the UK, had a great academic life there, from a good family with nice positions. She insisted on coming to Nigeria, as her aged grandparents stay here. She went for NYSC, got a good job offer, she had a car, etc. Upon all these, she was beautiful, had a nice body and is said to have been intelligent, that she only missed a first class in law by whiskers and even went ahead and
had a second degree. So by human standards, especially with the hardships in this part of the world, her life was really on point.

But then, death came! She was killed in an accident which is said to have been caused by a commercial bus driver. The said accident killed four people. Her car was badly damaged, she was taken to the hospital, later taken to the UK in an air ambulance, but she died!

To the point of this epistle:

You see, I hate public buses in this country. Each time I have to take one, I sulk. But despite the discomfort and craziness of it all, I have not perished. Not in them or by them.

When some of us lament on not having a car yet, remember people die in those correct cars daily that the hitherto beautiful car becomes a bloody mess of iron scraps.

If only I schooled abroad, the system there is better, etc! Well, remember some went and died there. Some were stabbed by friends, some murdered by stalkers, some died in plane crashes on their way back. Some came back but where are they today?

If only my parents were richer! Well, when it comes to it, even all the money in the world or best experts can't save your soul.

Why can't I just get a job! Well, the yorubas say the life of a job is longer than that of humans. Many had the best jobs, they died and someone else takes over. The job doesn't miss anyone.

In summary,  I AM GRATEFUL!!!

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