Thursday, 25 February 2016


The whole world, as we know, operates on different time zones. For example, Nigeria is 6 hours ahead of Washington, DC, USA. That means when it's 2:00pm in Lagos, it's 8:00am in Washington. It doesn't end there. 

Even within a continent, and subregions, time differs in different locations. For example, Nigeria is 1 hour ahead of Ghana. So, when it's 1:00pm in Nigeria, it's 12:00pm in Ghana. They are both west African countries.

More interesting, is the fact that this phenomenon transcends even neighbouring countries, as it is applicable within some individual countries. For instance, within the United States of America, there are different times. The time in Las Vegas is different from that of Washington, which in turn is different from that of Denver.

Additionally, there are certain periods, yearly, in some countries, when the entire time changes, as a result of DST, where clocks are either wound forward or backward.

It's not just about time, but weather also. Nigeria is hot generally, but some places are known to be hotter than others. That is even far fetched. Have you ever seen where it rains in a place and just 10 feet away is as dry as a desert?

But why then, do we fail to recognize that this principle applies to we humans too, that we all have different times and seasons? While Mr A might build his mansion at 30, Mr B might attain such feat at 60 (or maybe never). 

There should be no rush or envy or unhealthy competition in life, as it is not a race where there are prizes for 'early arrivers'. Each has his track and should go at his pace. Each has his time, weather and season.

What many of us need to remember about time is that the fact that we are in so much hurry doesn't make the clock's hands move faster, neither does the fact that we need more time mean the clock's hands will go any slower. They all go at their own pace, which is a second at a time. And even when anyone goes ahead to manipulate what the time says, it only has effect on that particular timepiece. The actual time is what it is. Say Mr A puts his clock at 2:00pm, when the actual time is 6:00pm, the darkness outside when it's 8:00pm will testify that the 4:00pm, which Mr A's clock says, is wrong. You cannot manipulate global or standard time. So also, you cannot manipulate certain things in life without repercussions.

Just as a pregnant woman can't force her baby out preterm (except it's premature or a medical emergency) and when it's her time, she can't withhold the baby (except she has a death wish for her and her baby), certain things can't be rushed or slowed down. They happen at the appointed time...

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